About World Metal Art Affiliates

World Metal Art Affiliates (WMAA) is an atelier, forge, and foundry focused on classical ironwork, original commissions, commercial metalwork and light-structural steel. Originally based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) since 1970, WMAA’s main forge relocated to Beijing in 2007. Our U.S. sales office is in Greensboro, North Carolina (USA).

We work at the two ends of the spectrum: artisan & commercial

At the artisan level — we produce original designs and custom small-scale commissions. Artisan customers include collectors, private businesses, galleries, and restoration projects both public and private.

At the commercial level — we direct key ISO-certified production in partnership with Tian Hong Keda Iron Artwork (Beijing) for site-specific development projects and state-level projects. Commercial customers include international and domestic architecture firms, domestic China clients, commercial developers, and state-level development groups.Global affiliates include specialist metal artisans, craftsmen, and commercial forges in China, the United States, and Europe, many of with whom we have decades of partnership.


WMAA key partners:


Thomas Wilson
Artistic Director – American

David Shelor
Design Manager & International Sales – American

Vincent Castel
Master Blacksmith & Metal Artist – French

Christian Poindexter
Financial Manager – American

um  Thomas Wilson – master blacksmith, artist, sculptor, illustrator, practicing draftsman, Renaissance historian, Blues musician, and published author. For over 40 years Thomas Wilson has been internationally recognized for his original creative talent and historical craftsmanship which have won him numerous awards, acclaim, and a worldwide reputation. From the 1970s to 2000s, Wilson has also been a highly sought after restorer. With fluency in multiple classic Renaissance metalworking techniques, Thomas has been a key member of handpicked teams of artisans which have undertaken high-profile restorations including the White House, Globe Theatre, and Petit Palais. (see Featured Projects)

um  David Shelor – operations manager, designer, and former foreign service specialist. David has been working in China since 1998 both in private business and government. He is WMAA’s design manager and international sales manager, and divides his time between our U.S. office, Beijing production facility, and our presence at international trade shows in Dubai, High Point (NC, USA), and Beijing. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

fr  Vincent Castel – is master blacksmith, metal artist, and industrial designer. A highly skilled artisan, Vincent is right-hand to Thomas Wilson.

um  Christian Poindexter – an experienced financial manager, Christian guides WMAA through the intricacies of our multiple international markets. He is a graduate of Duke University and Wake Forest University.